Vacation Letter

Ok, most of you have heard that Brenda and I will be in Florida Jan. 25 - Feb. 01. I would like to do some advanced planning with you all concerning the church and our time away.


The church events that will be affected include:

Tues. Jan. 25
8:00am Prayer
9:00am Doulos Breakfast and Study
11:15am Worship Practice

Thur. Jan. 27
4:00pm Prayer
5:00pm Supper & Study

Sun. Jan. 30
8:00am Worship Practice
9:00am Prayer
10:00am AM Service
12:00pm Koinonia Fellowship Meal

Tues. Feb. 01
8:00am Prayer
9:00am Doulos Breakfast and Study
11:15am Worship Practice


I would like to see these events continue in our absence for all attendees and for any new comers who come on any of these days. I would like you to consider which events the Lord would have you serve over.

Some of the things that I am asking you all to help with would include:

  • Making sure the parking lot is plowed if there has been a snow fall

  • Showing up early to make sure the sidewalks are shoveled and salt is spread on ice

  • Assure that the church is cleaned; carpets vacuumed, bathrooms scrubbed, kitchen cleaned, tables and chairs in order

  • Showing up early to unlock doors

  • Make sure lights, computers and sound system components are turned on and functional

  • Leading and directing others to make sure each event starts on time

  • Prepare and deliver any teaching affiliated with these events

  • Plan for and cook any food item(s) needed for affiliated events

  • Pray with group at the start of each event

  • Coordinate with each other to ensure each event is carried out in a Godly manner and to glorify Christ

  • Make sure every light, fan, and sound system component is shut down properly after each event

  • Make sure every all door is locked after each event

  • Be available for any issue any of the renters bring forth

  • Be aware of any malfunctions of furnaces, hot water heaters or septic systems and take steps to repair

  • Monitor Radio Station and be available to troubleshoot components in the studio if needed

Please contact me ASAP and let me know the areas you will serve over.


Pastor Rick (715) 323-3778